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About Us

The New Zealand Stunt School (NZSS), founded by international stuntwoman Dayna Grant, provides stunt training to new and existing stunt performers of all ages, as well as actors/actresses and Action Extras to sharpen up their physical performance skills. The NZSS also provides stunt rigging, for commercial shows and live theatre, private tuition, live shows, regular training workshops, youth camps, horse riding workshops, and stunt equipment hire.


The school not only delivers world-class training in many of the various stunt essentials and specialties but we also provide mentorship to help guide dedicated and talented new students along their journey to becoming action performers in the industry.


Where to start:



If you're serious about becoming an action performer, we highly recommend starting out with the "Fight For Camera" workshop as this lays down the basic fundamentals for any performer stepping onto a film set. We cover body movement and awareness, kicks punches and their relation to the camera, set etiquette and weaponry. Once you complete the Fight workshop, you're then able to attend our stunt training days with existing students where we really start to have fun and sharpen those skills.


After the workshop:

You have the opportunity to become part of our agency where we can start putting you forward for any action work that arises. The agency works at putting our trained team forward for stunt work, action extra work, action acting and featured roles.

It's up to you what form of action performing you would like to do.

Our focus has always been to make sure that when an opportunity arises for you to show what you are capable of at a casting studio or on set, then at the very least you will put your best foot forward and know what is expected of you.


Wherever possible we do assist in putting our graduate details forward to productions that might be looking for action performers, but we also strongly suggest you continue upskilling and maintaining a strong training regime. 


A large part of being hired as a stunt performer falls down to the following elements: Looks, Ability, Availability, and Attitude. Some are more important than others, and we go through many other details like this in the "Fight-For-Camera" workshop.


We are always happy to see how well current and previous students are doing in both the local and international film industries. Whether we set up your very first beginners workshop, or we are there to provide some much-needed refresher training before a big audition, we thoroughly enjoy watching the progression take place.


Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!



A few messages from recent students:

"I really enjoyed the content of the workshop and I've definitely left with an urge to learn more!" - SS (Fight-For-Camera)

"I haven't heard them talk so animatedly or excitedly about a holiday programme ever. Awesome!" - NP (Youth Camp)

"Thank you so much for the past two days, it's been an amazing experience and he has learned so much" - AM (Youth Camp)

"Was so much fun and I am 100% desperate to come back! Was an amazing experience" - NPT (Youth Camp)

"Very informative, easy to learn and the passion is incredible!" - KC (Fight-For-Camera)

"The course has given me good direction..really enjoyed the structure and content" - SM (Fight-For-Camera)

"I'm still buzzing from the weekend and can't wait to do it again" - CB (Fight-For-Camera)

"I had soo much fun, still buzzing!" - DP (Fight-For-Camera)

"It was fun & I loved the breakdown on everything we did !!! Awesome instructors !!!" - SFB (Fight-For-Camera)

"Thanks for an awesome weekend!" - MO (Fight-For-Camera)

"Great vibe and very inspiring people to learn from" - ZS (Stunt Training)

"I have been waiting for something like this for a long time" - KK (Fight-For-Camera)

"An honour to learn from talented, passionate and internationally respected coordinators!" - AR (Fight-For-Camera)

"Thanks Dayna and Dane for a fantastic experience and a great time" - LC (Youth Camp)

"I asked him what his favourite part was and he said it was ALL his favourite part" - SC (Youth Camp)

Dayna Grant


With over 20yrs as a full-time 

Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Performer

She has been in the international film industry doubling Hollywood actresses such as Charlize Theron and Gwyneth Paltrow, Dayna has an immense wealth of knowledge to pass onto the next generation of stunties.

instagram @daynastunts