Classes, Workshops & Training

We have classes available for most age groups, interests and skillsets. If just you're starting out, already an existing stunt performer or if you're looking to take on a new physical challenge, you'll be sure to find something at the NZ Stunt School.


If you're serious about getting into the stunt industry, we highly recommend starting out with the "Fight For Camera" workshop as this lays down the basic foundation for any stunt performer. Once you complete the Fight workshop, you're then able to attend our stunt training days with existing students where we really start to have fun and sharpen those skills.


If you are interested in attending any of workshops below, complete an online APPLICATION FORM 


Some workshops run more frequently than others. If you do not see a date for an upcoming event that you're interested in then get in touch to find out when the next one will run.


Fight For Camera

$650 (New) $200 (Returning)

Our next Fight for camera workshop will be held in January 2019 due to instructors being on a Feature film in Europe for the rest of the year

This 2-day class focusses on the "bread-and-butter" punches and kicks that all stunt performers need to know. More importantly, how to sell them for camera. We'll cover choreographing your own background fight (armed/unarmed), doubling a lead, camera angles and fighting as your own character.


Each course covers an introduction to stunts, terminology, set etiquette and where to go from here in order to get you started on your career in stunts.

Stunt Training Days



These regular training days are for existing Stunt School graduates to sharpen skills and work in an evironment with other stunties using the Stunt School Facility and Gear.


Training Days focus on different techniques/skills each time. Peers fine-tuning each other's techniques with instructor supervision.


*To register for the upcoming training day, contact us ASAP to put your name on the list!

Horse Riding Lessons

$75 per hour**

We offer many levels of horse training. All based on the level of rider and goals.


From beginner riding lessons, improving intermediate skils, horse groundwork, horse falls, trick riding, weapons on and around horses to advanced film horsemanship. Whatever your level, we have got something for you.


Lessons are private, or up to a maximum of 2 students per lesson. 45min of riding, with +/- 30min of horse groundwork.


Click the schedule button below and get in touch to book a lesson.


**Block of 6 sessions for $390

Wirework - Aerials

$350 - $750

This 1 day Workshop covers the major aspects of wirework and aerial awareness, which is especially useful for anyone who might find themselves in a harness on film, television or stage shows where you're needed to look just that extra bit superhuman.


From simple checks and procedures in order to ensure your own safety and feel comfortable in and out the harness, to performing a variety of jerk backs, somersaults and many other acrobatic movements on the wire.


Holiday Youth Stunt Camp


The Youth Holiday Camp to remember! 

Whether the kids are already budding stunties, or just looking for a unique holiday experience, the Stunt Camp will take students behind the scenes to show what it takes to become a stunt performer.

"Thank you some have for having us was so much fun and I am 100% desperate to come back! Was an amazing experience..."

"..had an awesome day and I haven't heard them talk so animatedly or excitedly about a holiday programme ever.  So big ups to you guys."

High Falls, Parkour, Swordwork, Acrobatics & Trampoline, Acting and Teamwork to name a few items on the agenda.

Air Ram

$200 - $650

This 1 day (12pm - 6pm) Course is for individuals wanting to pursue a career in stunts or for those actors wanting to increase their physical performance skills.


Air Rams involve the use of a pneumatic catapult which launches the stunt performer through the air. Either to mimic superhuman jumping/flying abilities or the effects of an explosion catapulting a stunt performer through the air.
This full day workshop not only gets you flying through the air, but also covers related safety aspects of working around an air ram.

(For more information regarding course fee payment plans, please contact the office)


Fire Burns

$300 - $850

We offer two workshops: Partial and Full Body Fire Burn*.


Each workshop is a single full intensive day, and designed for stunties looking to upskill, updating showreels or even if you just want to come along and experience a fire burn for the first time in a safe and professional environment.


All students will not only learn how to safely perform a burn, but also assist in all safety procedures surrounding the event.


(*The Partial Fire Burn workshop is a prerequisite for any student wanting to attend a Full Body Fire Burn workshop)

High Falls


High falls, once you get past your fear of heights, may seem simple enough, but do require a great deal of respect, precision and technique to ensure a safe landing and have the action sell for camera. In this workshop you will work on the necessary confidence, skills and knowledge to execute safe and accurate high falls for camera.


We start off slowly and work our way up the heights. There is no rush to jump ahead. At no point do we sacrifice technique for simply getting you falling from a higher point.


Whether you're a beginner, looking to learn a new technique or sharpen your high fall skills, this workshop is for you!

Film Archery

Archery is a speciality skill and has been featured in many feature films and TV series' over the years.


This full half day session film archery workshop will start at the basics before moving onto film specific archery techniques.


We will also be hosting Archery Training Days for those Archery satudents keen to continue their training.

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